The Sustainable Productive Systems Development Program (PDSPS) of the University of Santiago de Chile, is a research and development center that promotes sustainable productive systems through scientific-technological research, transfer and dissemination of knowledge to the entire community, convening and combining different disciplinary aspects to understand, evaluate, balance and increase the sustainability of productive systems, measured from its five perspectives: economic, environmental, social, political and technological.
The program's lines of research are Resource Management and Process Management, thus seeking the growth and progress of a global society through the promotion, advancement and development of interdisciplinary research and projects dedicated to the productive systems of goods and services, together with the balance of present needs without compromising the resources of future generations.
The Program was created according to the Exento N°652 of January 18, 2022, depends on the Faculty of Engineering and is administered by the Department of Industrial Engineering. It is currently governed by the General Regulations of the Program of the Research Center for Development of the Faculty of Engineering, Exempt No. 5038 of June 15, 2022, and its Internal Regulations approved on August 2, 2022.